Titan Disaster Recovery System

Real Time Simultaneous Capture and Playout for Transport Stream Mirroring and Disaster Recovery


Titan provides a complete, standalone disaster recovery system that allows for simultaneous capture and playout. Titan also supports trimming and editing content in native MPEG2 or H264 format. It is the most cost effective MPEG2/H264 server in the market today. Titan captures your MPTS or SPTS from either ASI, IP, or RF interfaces and saves them to RAID protected storage. Playout is supported through ASI, IP, or RF interfaces.

Titan provides a live, local, videowall multiviewer display output. Titan can be controlled through a web-based user interface. Multiple Titan units can be controlled from a single, centralized web instance. Recordings can be trimmed, edited, and downloaded from anywhere via web-based user interface. Titam also includes iOS and Android apps for monitoring and control.

Titan performs Transport Stream level error detection and monitoring using ETSI TR101.290 parameters. It provide alerting and alarming via email, SNMP traps, SMS/text, push notification, optional local GPIO interfaces and remote web-based user interface indicators.

Key Features Included

  • Scalable Inputs
  • 24/7 TS Monitoring and Error Detection
  • ASI, IP, and RF Inputs Available
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • 24/7 TS Capture and Playout
  • Remote Access via Web or Mobile App
  • Trimming and Downloading
  • Priority Email Support
Send us your configuration details for our Titan Disaster Recovery Capture & Playout System for a customized quote.

Transport Stream Monitoring

Monitor key Transport Stream parameters.

Display PSIP information. Get live thumbnail. Display ETSI TR101.290 TS QoS parameters and status. Display live CC608/CC708 Closed Captioning.

Product Features

Real Time Viewing
Real time viewing of captured/monitored channels.
Monitor key Transport Stream parameters.
24/7 Capture and Playout
Simultaneous capture and playout.
Trim and Download
Trim and download any captured content from web-based user interface from anywhere in the world.
Ring File Recording
Store and playback from two weeks up to 180 days of high resolution Transport Stream content in a ring file format.
Automatic Alerts
Automatically send email/SMS text alerts to operators, engineers, and managers when monitored parameters exceed thresholds. Send SNMP alerts.
Connect to and administer on a network with an easily integrated and managed Windows 7 Professional based platform. Easily configure email settings and transfer files to other work stations or NAS. Field upgradable.

Product Specifications

DVB-ASI Full 213 DVB-ASI Receiver.
Signalling rate is full 270 Mbps
  • (2 or 4) x 1 Gbps Ethernet
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet available (optional)
  • 8VSB
  • 2 Tuners (default)
  • Option for more tuners available.
  • SD/HD MPEG2 or H264
  • 1080i: 25 (50), 29.97 (59.94)
  • 720P: 50, 59.94
  • 480i/486i: 29.97
  • 576i/582i: 25
  • 5.1 AC-3, 2.0 AC-3
  • MPEG1 Layer2
  • 14 days @ 20 Mbps (Options up to 180 days)
  • RAID5 Protected Storage
  • Hotswappable NAS Hard Disk Drives


ETSI TR 101.290
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • CC608 and CC708