Vela Introduces MediaAdvantage Play to Air Server


Vela Research, a leading digital media solutions provider for all types of media content, today announced the release of the newly updated MediaAdvantage Video Server and Play to Air system.

The Media Advantage Playout System provides 24x7 play to air capabilities with SD/HD support including advanced scheduling software. The Media Advantage Scheduling Software allows operators to quickly and easily build daily and weekly schedules. Operators can be trained to use the software in minutes eliminating the need for the extensive training and re-training needed with most play out systems.

Mike Reddy stated, “The Vela MediaAdvantage provides extensive Play to Air features and scheduling capabilities to station owners at a cost effective price, while 'future proofing' them with extensive codec support. ”

Founded in 1994 Vela® is an Emmy® award winning company offering a range of live and file based solutions for the broadcast, cable, OTT, VOD, and post production. Over the past 21 years, Vela has earned recognition by virtue of the trouble-free, high-performance and cost-effective solutions in use in demanding customer environments worldwide. Vela counts A+E, AMC, Disney ABC Television, Fox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV among its customers. It is based in Clearwater, Florida.