Canoe Certifies Vela’s DAI VOD Application to Streamline On-Demand Ad Insertion for Programmers


Vela Research, a leading digital media solutions provider for all types of content including specialized tools for Dynamic Ad Insertion for Video on Demand, today announced that Canoe, an advertising technology company that provides software and services to national television programming networks, has added Vela’s comprehensive DAI VOD Advanced Advertising solution as a certified product within the Canoe VOD DAI Integration Certification Program.

Programmers can automate and streamline their MPEG test and verification processes with the introduction of Dynamic Ad Insertion tools for the ArgoNavis QA/QC Platform. The ArgoNavis DAI VOD automated system extracts the MPEG parameters necessary to identify the breakpoints for the next generation of Dynamic Ad Insertion devices to work. Areas containing ‘black’ frames within a file and the I Frames within the black are identified and data specific to each I Frame is collected. This data includes NPT (normal play time), frame number (decode and display order), Video PTS, Byte Offset, and GOP header time code – all organized and presented in a CSV file consistent with Canoe’s requirements.

“In deployments with Canoe, Vela’s ArgoNavis DAI VOD has a proven track record of making it faster and easier for programmers to deliver the breakpoints and CSV files that support dynamic ad insertion on VOD platforms” said Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales & Marketing at Canoe. “It meets the needs of programmers at scale, conformance to CableLabs specifications and successful interoperability testing.”

The Canoe Integration Certification Program supports the cable advertising ecosystem by identifying the industry solutions that have not only been integrated and tested to work with Canoe utilizing CableLabs® Metadata 1.1, 3.0, SCTE and IAB VAST, but have also been effectively deployed in one or more live production environments for an extended period of time. This validates the product’s ability to serve programmer metadata asset management needs today and in the future, including emerging requirements as the industry moves to support CableLabs® Metadata 3.0 for video content metadata sharing.

“Vela’s ArgoNavis DAI VOD system is designed specifically for programmers to automate the identification of pre-, mid-, and post-roll breakpoints in their VOD content. It’s faster than real-time processing allows programmers to build more efficiencies into their workflows, integrate with their MAM systems, and produce the CSV file required by Canoe and MSOs such as Comcast,” said Mike Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of Vela Research.“We look forward to our ongoing work with Canoe and the programmer community as we continue to evolve the solution to meet C3 and D4 requirements and to help our customers find success with their VOD and TV Everywhere initiatives.”

Mike Reddy added, “The ArgoNavis DAI VOD is a natural addition to Vela’s ArgoNavis QAQC. The widely-deployed ArgoNavis QAQC offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for QC and compliance of live and file based content including programming, spots, and VOD for multi-screen distribution.”

Founded in 1994 Vela® is an Emmy® award winning company offering a range of live and file based solutions for the broadcast, cable, OTT, VOD, and post production. Over the past 21 years, Vela has earned recognition by virtue of the trouble-free, high-performance and cost-effective solutions in use in demanding customer environments worldwide. Vela counts A+E, AMC, Disney ABC Television, Fox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV among its customers. It is based in Clearwater, Florida.